Friday, 19 December 2014

Be your boss

What is better, to work for someone or working from home? In job you have the security of a monthly salary, if everything goes right while working from home you doesn't have that advantage.

I find it peaceful to work from home. To me it’s complete bliss. No constant chatter, printing sounds and other disturbance.  You have to select the work pattern suits you well as per your life style.

Here are some of the reasons to start working from home:

1.     First of all you should have a separate space for your home office. It’s preferably a peaceful area of your house. It should be well organised in terms of regular use items like – Desktop/Laptop, printer, office stationery and others.
2.     Family cooperation is very much required for uninterrupted work. If you have small kids then you have to properly bolt your room from inside and let them understand that this your work area and no allowed inside.
3.     You are your own boss now. You have flexible hours and less work pressure. There is no destruction from your colleagues or from your boss. You will save travelling time and spare with more time to spend with your family.

Working from home gives you a chance to fulfill all your dreams. All you need to succeed is desire and dedication to work.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Wealth Building

Freedom of doing, what you like to do and having financial resources to achieve it. Is there ways to achieve the said goal while reaching the age of 40 years? Yes, you can. However, most of the people stuck in a situation that it’s looked unachievable.  I think you can follow one’s dream and survive. Yes, following one’s dreams is the only way to survive. So, let’s live our dream while looking again into the facts.

Loyalty with company or to your boss no longer provides security. A three year degree or professional course might grantees you a good job, maybe. As per latest survey in USA it was found out that an average person change his/her job 6 to 8 times in his/her life time. Most of them enter into their fifties before they can ever start to save for their retirement.

 Follow one’s dream and survive.

How to achieve your financial goal for year 2015

Achieving financial sustainability is a goal for everyone though it requires serious efforts to attain the desired financial goal. You can plan and achieve the goal in year 2015 while considering following tips:

1.     Preparing Expense Chart: Evaluating your present financial situation.
-         Differentiate your regular expenses like rent, petrol, mobile bills, and electricity ext. with non-regular expenses like outside parties, movies, shopping, outside meal ext.

2.     Identifying the area of saving and cost cutting:
-         Saving on regular expenses
-         Finding cost effective alternatives

3.     Natural Habits e.g. smoking, drinking and any other expensive hobbies.
-         Intelligently plan to quit some unwanted habits
-         Limit/Set achievable  targets to meet your above goal.

4.     House savings :
-         Do minor house repairs by your own instead of employing outside manpower
-         Taking specialised services for cooking, washing & cleaning. At least reduce to minimum extent.

5.     Savings :
-         Commit yourself each month to a certain amount to be deposited into long term saving plans e.g. retirement plan, SIP and mutual fund ext.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

This is my first blog post

Hi All,

I'm currently working as Sr. Administrative Assistant. I am responsible for whole office administration, travel and hotel arrangements.

Following are the key areas of work:
1. Office upkeep and housekeeping
2. Office Security.
3. Office stock maintenance other than IT & Networking equipment.
4. Vendor Management
5. Handling of indoor and outdoor events, day celebrations ext.
6. Setting up of New Offices/Guest Houses or interior work in existing offices in coordination with architects/engineers/contractors.
7. Canteen Hygiene and eye on food supply.
8. AMC
9. Government Liasoning.
10. Travel arrangements for senior staff and outside guests.

How to prepare yourself for the practicality of the ground situation/live examples and their measure/procedure to be follow?